Friday, March 6, 2015

Laundry Day

It's been a long time, I feel like there's something of an echo in here. The place is kinda empty. To be honest I dont know if I want anyone over anyway. People always seem to gunk up the place and ultimately I find that I only wanted them for reasons that I later regret. Maybe I cold shuffle around the rugs or something to add a sense of being lived in. Here, I'll knock over a couple of cups and ...ah, that's no good.
Im getting a serious Chernobyl vibe here. Maybe that isnt such a bad thing. Maybe I cold actually get in an uninterrupted nap. Maybe I'll just lay down for a moment...didn't I used to have a cat or something?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Putrefaction of Silver Goddess Logic System

My days are finally free of you 
but the night and skies 
full of stars are still yours. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

die Fiktion Anzug

I am rounding the last few corners of this trip. Thing will begin to change drastically from where this journey had begun. All the ideas that I've cultivated over the last few years have been collected and washed and had until recently, just been waiting around for me to properly understand how best to use them.

Three Parts Vinegar One Part Cinnamon

The Silver Goddess Vessel
said this and that
for something like ten or eleven months
until we'd come full circle
to the parts of her
that I
to begin

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Framing is one of my favorite painful lessons. I knew a guy in film school who would hand over his education to me by the spoonful, in his arrogance. It cost me the exchange rate of my humility v. his parents money. Framing the Story is paramount. 
Ichthyosaurs, out

Silver Star Falls, Iowa

drei Wahrheiten
der Himmel ist schön
die Sterne sind schön
schön bist du

All My Dead Cats

I know, I understand that you're upset. We've all felt the cold ache of neglect. I could apologize, but I doubt it would make up for any of lost Time.
 I've gotten a great deal of research completed! I'll tell you all about it..but not today. 
Well, hey don't cry. Or I guess that's a good thing because at least you know that you haven't stopped have feelings. Listen, I've got to run, but I left you a couple of DVDs, a pint of icecream and half a bottle of children's vitamins. 
Don't eat them all at once though, you'll poison yourself. 
I've gotta go. 
I'm late 
for my train.