Monday, August 10, 2015

Preta Howling

In the Abyss, in being a term relative to Nothing, all furnishings are pre approved by the Gnostic Lawn & Gsrden Committee to ensure uniform passage. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Christmas Special 2014 ( yes a bit late, but it's a Secret History so they take awhile)

Noel of the Black Madonna





Dog Pack….

Alpha Coyote…..

Page One

Scene One:  In a back alley Paradox Prison ™ the lone prisoner of his open air prison- the Holy Roman Church -Vatican 3. The prisoner's name is Morhab, and ancient name that means ‘one who wages war against God.’
Slumped amid black plastic trash bags and restaurant waste three homeless people one man and two women huddle for warmth against this cold winter night. When they speak it is with one voice as they are possessed by the power of Fate.

FATE: (Humming in unison ) We, Fate bid thee welcome as an audience, witness to this Story. This way comes the most blessed of damned Fools. Morhab, born into this world as the vehicle for the goddess Isis. His judgment, his Will, the thunder of her thunderbolt.
The prisoners name is Morhab, and ancient name that means ‘one who wages war against God’. He is locked into this Chrono-prison, unable to leave while still blessed with the Gift of the goddess.
Hail! thee MORHAB we bid you rest and comfort in all your remaining days.
Page Two

Scene: MORHAB stumbles in STAGE FRONT RIGHT. He’s the disheveled mess men become without a woman to compel him to better hygiene. MORHAB loosely clutches a bottle of red wine in his fist while cradling another under two under his arms. He might have an empty bottle or two inside his coat.

MORHAB What the eff ever. Why are you bothering me again FATE? I regret asking anything of you. What weakness drove me to consult you via bones or fortune cookies? You’re worse than a bad penny as you have no value outside of bothering poor Fools.

*MORHAB sits, slumping into a pile of trash bags. He sighs loudly.

FATE Morhab, vehicle of ISIS, release your burden and you are free of this place.

*MORHAB grunts and turns his back to FATE

FATE It has been many centuries since a Romani was last selected to vehicle the thunder of the goddess. You’d think that you would be honored, instead you serve more than one master as Liberty has it’s own goddess and champion.

Page Three

MORHAB (belches) You know the only reason people tolerate you? Because by the time anyone gets around to considering FATE they’ve run out of any other company. You’ll always be second best, a last resort. What’s that do for your self esteem?

FATE You only wound yourself. Our only interest is how long you’ll choose to endure the inevitable. In time you will either embrace your destiny or spend the rest of your short life in repose.

MORHAB You can pretend to understand a life of free will and choice but you’re just a cog in a machine.
*MORHAB stands lording over FATE

MORHAB You think that you can judge me, but you’re wrong. My nights are full of agony as I know that they will only eventually bite the tail of their own mornings. I spend my days waiting for change that will never come. This prison is a torture machine, Richy Cheney designed it that way.

FATE We know all.
MORHAB Bush Jr and Hillary Clinton designed the battery with Apple and a Sony research team. They found that they needed radioactive Iraqi artifacts and the blood of Syrian Christians to power it. Haliburton and private military companies reclaimed the artifacts in August ‘08. They called it the Daoist Deathtrap before they dropped me from a helicopter and into the invisible membrane surrounding this place.

Page Four

MORHAB Mine own lil slice of the city. And for what? Why?

FATE Because your parents played a divine lottery and won. Here you are; the Black Pope for his Noir Madonna.

*MORHAB sits on his trash throne again.

MORHAB So, I pay my father's debts? How effing original. I will admit that plying me with a lifetime of wine and spirits was a nice touch though.

FATE One day the booze will run dry.

*MORHAB shoots to his feet.

MORHAB You lie!

FATE Why would I bother?


FATE As all prisoners do, you will eventually come to love your prison. You’ll embrace the comforts of your imprisonment. Its very human to make yourself at home. By that point you won't want for your freedom and the intoxication won't matter. Won't that be a sight?

MORHAB No! The boredom. I couldn’t take it. I’ll kill myself.

FATE The Chronoprison ™ wouldn't allow it.

*Silence for a beat

FATE There is always the front door.

Page Five

Scene: From Stage Left enters a trio of dogs led by a coyote with reddish fur and bound with a muzzle.

FATE Visitors! How unusual. Tonights heavens must have a special moon.

MORHAB It contains the same moon every night, the waxing gibbous in Virgo of some lost winters night before Christmas 2001. These mutts can get the hell out of here.

FATE They are travelers, same as any. If there are creatures more deserving of pity than yourself shouldn't you give it to them and yourself be grateful that you have any station to give alms despite your bad attitude?

MORHAB Give them a blessing? YOu mean my wine dont you? You just told me that Im working with a finite amount here and now you want me to waste it?

FATE Such a blessing is a waste to you?
*the dogs are sniffing at the trash and FATE. The Coyote sniffs at MORHAB through his muzzle.

Page Six
*MORHAB  uncorks his bottle and pours a stream for the dog to drink from.

MORHAB Annoying FATE always nit picking me. Here stupid dog,  Enjoy what will probably be the last of my wine before you wander out of my prison and enjoy the rest of your stupid, useless lives. I wonder what season it is out there…

*MORHAB gives wine to the second dog. He notices that the coyote is wearing a muzzle.

MORHAB What’s this?

FATE He wears a muzzle and a radio tag. These types of coyotes are tagged and tracked by a local scientist. This one must have run off after the sedative wore off prematurely.

*MORHAB fumbles to remove the muzzle.

MORHAB Poor guy, he’s going to starve to death.


MORHAB Pervert.

Page Seven

*MORHAB removes the muzzle and slowly pours another bottle of wine for the coyote to drink.

MORHAB Poor stupid dog.

*They coyote nips at MORHAB’s hand causing him to drop the bottle. The bottle breaks and the pack laps at the spilt wine.

MORHAB Asshole! You made me bleed. Now we know why you worre the muzzle.

*MORHAB drunkenly fumbles with the muzzle eventually fitting it over his mouth and fastening it behind his head and neck.

FATE For sure this is no accident. Blood has been spilled and wine has been shared. Your covenant has been made. Your business is done.

*MORHAB struggles with the muzzle

MORHAB Hmmmphf!!!

*MORHAB freaks out and begins to thrash about.

MARS He! Ha! Had! Chachoo...cough...I, er...cough, cough...wha? I can speak?

Page Eight

MARS Cough...Dogs!

*The dogs lower their heads and tuck their tails.

MARS (laughing) Oh my, laughing feels so amazing! The word amazing feels so amazing! You fool. You lamented this gift? You complained about this magic?

FATE You are an interesting addition to this story Ms Coyote.

MARS That name will not do, Mr. & Mrs. Storytelling Mnemonic. I’ve learned human words since before I can remember. I know of the stars and the heavens and many things in between. I'll take the name of the red star for my spoken name. My canine name must remain within my heart.

FATE Mars then. Yes that works.

MARS Mars it is. Now, you two. Lackies! Lets get moving I have things I would like to do with this voice. Up!   

*The two dogs stand and wag their tail.

Page Nine

MARS (to Morhab) Okay, so enjoy your new found freedom. That thing chafes at night when you sleep, so there’s that...bye I guess.

* MORHAB grabs MARS’ tail.

MARS Hands off the tail ahole! Thats a part of my spine.

*MORHAB mimes something to MARS about the muzzle

MARS Im not playing charades or whatever so lets just lay this out clearly. I really like being a talking dog so Im not giving you back your voice. I can’t express how different the world is when you can impress your will upon it. To finally have an advocate...someone who can stand up for me when dickhead scientist decide that they want to stalk me. So no. Never. Fuck that forever. Like I said enjoy your freedom because you paid for it.

*The dogs run off stage right.

MARS C’mon boys! Ahooooo...

*MORHAB slumps into the trash. He is made uncomfortable by the last bottle in his coat jacket. He fishes it out and pulls the cork before realizing that he’ll need a straw to drink it.

FATE Thus you live the rest of your life as ruins of a once great temple now vacant of anything divine.

*Curtain slowly closes as the lights dim

Who left the effing milk out for three months?

Wow, that's a pungent smell. Is that, like something spoiling or whatever? Oh, me? I had class and a few errands to run...I understand that, that was months ago, but well, like I said I was a bit busy. 
You don't believe me? Well as Ive said in the past; you cant spell believe without lie...
I'll have you know that I was in fact working. I created an entire art portfolio. Oh, you dont believe me? Well I'll take some pics and post them for you. I also created a ten minute play that serves as a back story for Morhab and that talking Coyote you thought of, well for legal reasons I thought of her, but between us you were the inspiration for that one...legally? Copyrights and royalties? This is how you treat me after Ive been gone for months?  
No, youre right we should just drop that and never speak of it again. Anyway if you're interested you can read it over while I take a nap...Yeah we'll talk and cuddle later, maybe you could do something about that smell before I get back. What? Does oxytocin spoil? What the hell is vasopressin? Im gonna take a nap. I love you too-ish...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Laundry Day

It's been a long time, I feel like there's something of an echo in here. The place is kinda empty. To be honest I dont know if I want anyone over anyway. People always seem to gunk up the place and ultimately I find that I only wanted them for reasons that I later regret. Maybe I cold shuffle around the rugs or something to add a sense of being lived in. Here, I'll knock over a couple of cups and ...ah, that's no good.
Im getting a serious Chernobyl vibe here. Maybe that isnt such a bad thing. Maybe I could actually get in an uninterrupted nap. Maybe I'll just lay down for a moment...didn't I used to have a cat or something?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Putrefaction of Silver Goddess Logic System

My days are finally free of you 
but the night and skies 
full of stars are still yours. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

die Fiktion Anzug

I am rounding the last few corners of this trip. Thing will begin to change drastically from where this journey had begun. All the ideas that I've cultivated over the last few years have been collected and washed and had until recently, just been waiting around for me to properly understand how best to use them.

Three Parts Vinegar One Part Cinnamon

The Silver Goddess Vessel
said this and that
for something like ten or eleven months
until we'd come full circle
to the parts of her
that I
to begin